What is Dick Bonds Benevolent Fund?

Dick Bonds Benevolent Fund is a non-profit organization funded by donations from employees, outside organizations, and proceeds from fund raising events. All City of San Mateo employees who are assigned to work in the police department building and their immediate families are eligible to receive assistance. This includes: POLICE OFFICERS, COMMUNITY SERVICE OFFICERS, DISPATCH SERVICES’ PERSONNEL, CADETS, RESERVES, and POLICE SUPPORT STAFF. There are no membership dues and everyone from the San Mateo Police Department is a member.

Richard “Dick” Bonds was a police officer with the San Mateo Police Department for 22 years. He passed away in the late 1970s after a long battle with cancer. After his death, his family was left in severe financial straits because of various medical bills and other related expenses. A fund raising campaign to assist the family was organized by members of our department. The effort was so successful that there was money left over after all the bills had been paid. As a step forward, it was decided the extra money would be used to establish a non-profit organization and benevolent fund in Dick Bond’s name.

The main mission of the fund is to provide financial assistance and services for any members of the San Mateo Police Department who are in dire need and need emergency fund assistance. If you know of any fellow employee that is in dire need of emergency fund assistance, please call or contact any of the following members. All requests for assistance are confidential and recipients of funds are not required to repay any funds.

The following are the board members for the Dick Bonds Benevolent Fund:


Vice Chairperson:


Program Director:

Recording Secretary:

Shannon Hagan

Michelle Licata

Rick Passanisi

Bryan Thompson

Mary Anne Ward


200 Franklin Parkway
San Mateo, CA 94403
Telephone: (650) 522-4355